Author & Illustrator

 Leslie picAuthor Leslie A. Woods

Leslie A. Woods draws on her love of languages, culture and music to bring magic to her books.  She spent many of her childhood summers on her grandfather’s farm in Costa Rica and has traveled the world in a variety of occupations, including being a director/translator for the Miss Universe Pageant, and as a translator for mission trips to Honduras.  She is a teacher of Spanish and French, a wife and mother and will always hold her Grandpa’s farm and Central America in her heart.

Robin picIllustrator Robin T. Nelson

Robin T. Nelson has studied watercolor painting for years, but having recently retired from many years as a research scientist can now devote more time to art.  She enjoys painting and studying the physical appearances, personality traits and habits of the different species seen in these books. Robin is scientist at heart, a devoted wife and mother and enjoys using her artistic skills for humanitarian purposes.